Golden Fish Vasai

Konkan coast is mentioned in the Puranas as the land of Parashurama. The Konkan landscape was formed after a massive upheaval caused by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Fishermen were the first to settle on it. They share special relationship with the ocean. Due to the fishery resources of this sea, the fishing community has made a great contribution to the development of the state as well as the country till date.

Maharashtra has a coastline of 720 km. From Vengurla in Sindhudurg to Dahanu-Jhai in Palghar district, there is a large fishing business on this wide coastline. We have been living with our ancestors on the shores of Pachubandar in Vasai taluka on the same coast. Fishing and fish selling is our traditional business. We have been selling fish at Pachubandar for the last several years. Paplet, Surmai, Halwa, Ravas, Vam, Prawns, Shrimp, Balwat, Mushi, Bangada, Bombil, Mandeli are some of the different types of fish that come directly to us from the sea. We deliver this fresh and tasty fish to our customers without compromising on the nutritional value and quality of the fish. Due to prompt service and reliability, we have received a great response from fish lovers locally. We are taking the next step of business expansion with the aim of providing fresh and nutritious food to the people of Vasai-Virar.

Fish is an excellent protein food. Fish plays an important role in meeting the protein requirement of people's diet. Considering the nutritional value of fish, many fish eaters and health conscious citizens are always flocking to the fish market. But the crowds at the fish market, the noise, not getting the desired fish even after spending much time in the market, the unaffordable price and the headache of bargaining with the seller puts off many people from venturing out .

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