This venture is started by young team led buy Milton Soudiya who has 20 + years of experience of making freshest fish available to all in Vasai-Virar and Mumbai.Milton is also a journalist as well as social worker .We have been living with our ancestors on the shores of Pachubandar in Vasai taluka on the same coast. Fishing and fish selling is our traditional business. We have been selling fish at Pachubandar for the last several years. Paplet, Surmai, Halwa, Ravas, Vam, Prawns, Shrimp, Balwat, Mushi, Bangada, Bombil, Mandeli are some of the different types of fish that come directly to us from the sea. We deliver this fresh and tasty fish to our customers without compromising on the nutritional value and quality of the fish. Due to prompt service and reliability, we have received a great response from fish lovers locally. We are taking the next step of business expansion with the aim of providing fresh and nutritious food to the people of Vasai-Virar.